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Henry VIII and his six wives



Henry VIIIth's life is very actual undoubtedly, because he is one of the most picturesque governors in all history of England: its biography first of all is noted by the extremely rough family history; but in addition, this monarch left very bright mark in the history of the country and all Europe and defined the direction on which England and its relations with continental powers further developed.

His relations with women had political character, they strongly affected a course of history and entered the changes into life of England. Having married for the first time, he fastened the relations of England and Spain, and having married for the second time he broke off the relations with the Pope and erected his own, protestant church. Also from the second marriage was born his future successor - Elizabeth I. Her reign became the Golden Age for England.

Our task was to consider Henry VIIIth's identity, to define influence of his reign on life of England and to consider influence of his wives on a history course.

We investigated this subject by studying, classifications and material generalizations. The term paper consists of four main parts: introduction, the main part, the conclusion and the list of used literature.

Henry was the unusual personality. And it drew my attention. In it rare traits of character were combined: he was the wise governor, the strong personality, and at the same time the ardent lover. Many historians consider him as the tyrant. Such lines of his character and psychology, as aspiration to overcome and destroy any resistance on a way of implementation of his desires and plans, unpredictability, aggressiveness and self-confidence were the main starting points in Henry VIIIth's tyranny. These traits of character of the English king became as though the tool in implementation of processes of strengthening of the bureaucratic state peculiar the then by it. Henry VIIIth's tyranny concerned first of all his leading ministers and assistants and his wives, and then everything who didn't submit his politician.

But there are also good lines in this person. His contemporaries wrote more than once about an unusual step and Henry's mind as the interlocutor: he was able to listen to everyone as if that interesting interlocutor on light – the quality extremely seldom meeting at the monarch. He with a heat said speeches in parliament and worked always in a close hitch with it, possessed excellent political intuition and was the quite good diplomat.

so whom was Henry the eighth ? How he affected the history of England? How his relationships with women were formed? all this answers you can find in our work.


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